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Invensye Triconex

Triconex 3706 Thermocouple Analog Input Module Brand New In Stock with Factory Sealed

Triconex 3706 Thermocouple Analog Input Module Brand New In Stock with Factory Sealed

  • Manufacturer: Invensye Triconex

  • Part Number: 3706

  • Condition:New with Original Package

  • Product Type: Thermocouple Analog Input Module

  • Payment:T/T, Western Union

  • Shipping port: Xiamen

  • Warranty: 12 months

Product Description

The Triconex 3706 is an analog input module specifically designed for Triconex safety instrumented systems (SIS). SIS systems are the safety backbone of hazardous process industries. This module measures temperature using thermocouples.

  • Function: Converts weak electrical signals from thermocouples into digital data for the SIS to monitor critical process temperatures.
  • Applications: Chemical plants, oil refineries, power generation - monitoring temperatures in furnaces, reactors, pipelines, and other safety-critical equipment.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Thermocouple Types: Supports various thermocouple types (e.g., J, K, T) for compatibility with different temperature measurement ranges.
  • Input Channels: Number of thermocouple connections the module can handle (typically 32 channels).
  • Temperature Range: Minimum and maximum temperature the module can measure depends on the thermocouple type.
  • Accuracy: Level of precision in temperature measurement for reliable safety decisions.
  • Isolation: Electrical isolation between thermocouple inputs and the SIS network to prevent electrical faults from impacting safety systems.


            Other Attributes

            • Country of Origin:  USA
            • Lead Time: In Stock, 2 Working Days


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