Collection: Bachmann

Bachmann electronic GmbH is an Austrian company founded in 1971, headquartered in Feldkirch, Austria, and with over 2,000 employees across 15 countries. They specialize in developing and manufacturing automation solutions for the energy, industry, maritime, and offshore sectors. Bachmann's automation solutions cover various applications, including wind and renewable energy, industrial machinery, maritime and offshore automation, rail and rolling stock, telecommunications, and conveying technology.

They are known for their high-quality, reliable, and innovative products. Bachmann is dedicated to helping its customers enhance productivity and profitability. Examples of their solutions include the M100 series of controllers for harsh environmental conditions in renewable energy, the Bachmann Automation Software (BAS) for programming and configuring their systems, and the Bachmann Marine Automation System (BMAS) for maritime and offshore vessels' control and monitoring.