Collection: GE Fanuc Other Series

GE Fanuc offers various PLC series, each catering to distinct automation needs:

  1. GE Series One 1C610, IC620: Ideal for small to medium automation tasks, these compact PLCs are easy to program and maintain.

  2. GE Series Three IC630: Designed for more demanding automation applications, this series offers enhanced features and functionality compared to Series One PLCs.

  3. GE Series Five IC655: The most powerful PLCs in GE's lineup, intended for large and complex automation tasks.

  4. GE Series Six 1C660, IC600: A family of modular PLCs providing flexibility and scalability, suitable for a wide range of automation applications.

  5. VersaMax: A family of compact and cost-effective PLCs for small to medium automation tasks, known for their ease of programming and maintenance.

Selecting the best PLC series depends on your specific requirements. If you're unsure, we recommend consulting with us.