Collection: MULTILIN

GE Multilin, also known as Multilin, is a subsidiary of General Electric (GE) that specializes in providing advanced, comprehensive protection, control, and monitoring solutions for electrical power systems. Multilin's products and services are designed to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and safety of electrical networks in various industries, including power generation, transmission, and distribution.

Key aspects of GE Multilin's offerings include:

  1. Protection and Control Relays: Multilin offers a wide range of protection and control relays designed to monitor electrical equipment, detect faults, and take appropriate actions to safeguard the electrical system. These relays are essential for ensuring the stability and security of power networks.

  2. Motor Protection: Multilin's motor protection relays are designed to protect electric motors from damage caused by overloads, imbalances, and other issues. This is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and lifespan of motor-driven equipment.

  3. Feeder Protection: These relays are used to protect electrical feeders or circuits within power distribution systems. They can detect and isolate faults, minimizing disruption to the rest of the network.

  4. Substation Automation: Multilin provides substation automation solutions that help utilities and industrial facilities monitor and control substation equipment, ensuring reliable power distribution.

  5. Asset Management Software: Multilin offers software solutions that enable users to monitor, analyze, and manage the performance of electrical assets in real-time, allowing for predictive maintenance and improved asset longevity.

  6. Grid Management Solutions: These solutions are designed to help utilities and grid operators manage and optimize the performance of their power distribution systems, making them more reliable and efficient.

GE Multilin's products and services play a critical role in the electrical power industry, helping utilities, industrial facilities, and energy providers maintain the stability and reliability of their power systems. These systems are vital for the safety and efficiency of electrical grids and the equipment connected to them.