Collection: SLC500

SLC 500, short for "Small Logic Controller," is a series of compact programmable logic controllers (PLCs) introduced by Allen Bradley for industrial automation and control applications. Here is a brief introduction to the SLC 500 series:

  • Full Name Explanation: The "SLC" in SLC 500 stands for "Small Logic Controller." This PLC series is designed to be compact and is suitable for small to medium-sized automation control tasks.

  • Integrated Platform: The first-generation SLC 500 featured an integrated design, combining the central processing unit (CPU), power supply, and input/output (I/O) devices into a single unit. This design simplified system configuration and installation.

  • Memory Capacity: The initial SLC 500 model had 1K of memory capacity, primarily designed for handling small I/O applications. Subsequent models may offer different memory capacities and functional options.

  • Year of Release: The first SLC 500 model was introduced in 1991, marking Allen Bradley's entry into the small PLC market.

The SLC 500 series of PLCs are common solutions in automation control applications, particularly well-suited for small-scale projects and straightforward control tasks. This series is highly regarded for its integrated design, reliability, and user-friendliness, making it widely used in industrial settings.

SLC 500 has been discontinued, but we still have a significant quantity of brand-new, genuine stock available for purchase. Feel free to place your order!