Collection: Honeywell Other Series

Honeywell's DCS system also includes the following distinctive series:

1. Application Control Environment (ACE):

  • The Application Control Environment (ACE) is an Experion controller designed for supervisory control solutions and integration with third-party control systems.

2. C200/C200E:

  • The C200/C200E integrated control and safety systems are embedded within the compact Series A Chassis hardware form factor. Users of these controllers benefit from a robust and highly reliable control execution and scheduling environment.

3. ControlEdge™ Unit Operations Controller:

  • The ControlEdge™ Unit Operations Controller (UOC) provides a powerful DCS solution in a compact form factor.

4. Experion® Process, Machinery And Drives (PMD) - FCE Controller:

  • Honeywell's PMD Controller is designed to regulate fieldbus-based processes and process equipment as part of process, machinery, and drives (PMD) control.

5. FCE Controller:

  • Honeywell's FCE (PMD) Controller is ideal for regulating fieldbus-based processes and process equipment in process, machinery, and drives (PMD) technology. It excels in the speedy execution of control strategies.