Collection: ControlLogix

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix control systems developed by Rockwell Automation, offer a versatile and high-performance solution for various industrial applications. They utilize a common control engine and development environment, providing an easy-to-use platform with the following key features:

  1. Common Control Engine and Development Environment:

    • These systems use a common control engine, which simplifies programming and configuration.
    • The shared development environment streamlines the development process, reducing time and costs during commissioning and regular operation.
  2. Standard and Safety Control Integration:

    • ControlLogix systems enable the integration of both standard and safety control within the same chassis, creating a comprehensive and integrated control system.
  3. High Availability and Extreme Environment Capabilities:

    • These systems are designed to provide high availability, making them suitable for mission-critical applications.
    • They offer robustness to extreme environmental conditions, ensuring reliable operation in challenging settings.

ControlLogix family:

ControlLogix 5580 Controllers:

  • Ideal for applications that demand high availability, high-performance communications, extensive I/O capabilities, and motion control for up to 256 axes.
  • These controllers are suited for applications requiring top-tier performance and reliability.

ControlLogix 5570 Controllers:

  • Available in various models, including standard, safety, extreme temperature, and on-machine versions, catering to a wide range of applications.
  • Suitable for process control, motion control, discrete automation, and high-availability scenarios.