Collection: Prosoft

For over 25 years, ProSoft Technology specialize in industrial communication solutions that enable different automation control systems to seamlessly share crucial data through wired and wireless connections. ProSoft offers phased migration options to transition from legacy systems to modern infrastructure, ensuring remote access to the right data. They also provide innovative solutions for OEMs to optimize machinery performance, all while upholding rigorous cybersecurity standards. ProSoft's solutions play a pivotal role in the Industrial Internet of Things, making a global impact.

ProSoft Technology's extensive expertise in industrial automation provides clients with a competitive advantage. Their team, from engineers to sales professionals, is committed to enhancing automation performance, productivity, and cost reduction.

ProSoft Technology's featured products include:

  1. ControlLogix
  2. Flex I/O
  3. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  4. Point I/O
  5. SLC (Small Logic Controller)
  6. PROFIBUS DPV1 Master Station Module
  7. PROFINET Controller Gateway