Collection: Advant OCS/800xA

ABB Advant OCS/800xA is part of ABB's System 800xA platform that integrates control and automation functions into a single platform. The Advant OCS component provides efficient and intuitive operator control and monitoring of industrial processes.
Key features include:

  • HMI: User-friendly interface for operators to interact with and control industrial processes.
  • Process visualization: Real-time visualization of industrial processes, helping operators monitor and control operations effectively.
  • Control and monitoring: Allows operators to control and monitor various aspects of the industrial process, including machinery, equipment, and other critical parameters.
  • Data acquisition: Collects and processes data from sensors and devices, providing operators with valuable insights into process performance.
  • Alarm management: Helps manage and prioritize alarms to ensure a quick response to critical situations.
  • Integration: Designed to integrate seamlessly with other components of the System 800xA, enabling a unified approach to industrial automation.