Collection: 3300 System

The 3300 System provides continuous, online monitoring suitable for machinery protection applications, and is designed to fully meet the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute’s API 670 standard for such systems. The system’s highly modular design consists of an Instrument Rack, ac or dc Power Supply, System Monitor, and one or more monitor modules chosen to provide the required monitoring functionality. This building-block approach makes the 3300 System versatile, expandable, and cost-effective as your monitoring requirements change. For the majority of applications, Bently Nevada recommends the use of our 3500 Series Machinery Protection System as a newer and more capable product with a variety of features and functions not available with 3300. Consult your local sales professional for more information.

The Bently Nevada 3300 System is a comprehensive solution encompassing Rack, Power Supply, System Monitor, Monitors Relays, and Safety Barriers. It offers unparalleled capabilities for monitoring mechanical equipment and safeguarding industrial operations:

  • Rack: The rack serves as the central hub, housing various components and facilitating data collection and processing.
  • Power Supply: Ensuring a stable power source is critical for continuous monitoring, and the power supply component guarantees just that.
  • System Monitor: This vital part oversees the entire monitoring process, coordinating the collection and analysis of data.
  • Monitors Relays: Monitors relays are the system's vigilant guardians, ready to trigger alerts and protective measures when unusual vibrations are detected.
  • Safety Barriers: Safety barriers act as the system's protective shield, helping prevent any potential hazards during the monitoring process.