Collection: H&B Freelance 2000

The ABB H&B Freelance 2000 is an industrial control system developed by ABB. Here's an overview of the H&B Freelance 2000 system:

  • H&B Freelance 2000:
    • Freelance 2000 is a control system developed by Hartmann & Braun, which later became part of ABB.
    • It is designed for process control and automation in various industries, including manufacturing, power generation, and other industrial applications.
    • Freelance 2000 is known for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. It offers a range of features for controlling and monitoring industrial processes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • The system includes hardware components such as controllers and operator interfaces, as well as software for programming, configuration, and visualization.

ABB's Freelance 2000 control system has been used in industries where precise control and automation of processes are essential. Like other control systems, it has evolved over time, and newer generations of control systems have been developed to meet the changing needs of industries.

Please note that the specific features and capabilities of the Freelance 2000 system may vary depending on the version and configuration used in a particular application.