Collection: Allen-Bradley

Allen Bradley offers dependable industrial automation solutions. Their wide product range includes PLCs and HMIs for diverse applications. From compact MicroLogix for smaller projects to powerful CompactLogix and ControlLogix for larger operations, Allen Bradley has you covered. Their PanelView HMI devices seamlessly integrate operator control and visualization. With expertise and a broad product range, they are a key player in industrial automation. Choose Allen Bradley for your automation needs.

  1. SLC500 (1747/1746): The SLC 500 is a popular family of PLCs known for its compact size and reliability. The 1747 and 1746 are specific models or series within the SLC 500 family.

  2. MicroLogix (1761/1763/1762/1766/1764): MicroLogix PLCs are compact and cost-effective controllers designed for small to mid-sized applications. The different model numbers represent variations within this series.

  3. CompactLogix (1769/1768): CompactLogix PLCs are part of the ControlLogix platform and are designed for medium to large applications that require more processing power. The 1769 and 1768 models are specific series within the CompactLogix family.

  4. ControlLogix (1756/1794/1760/1788): ControlLogix is a powerful and versatile family of PLCs used in various industrial applications. The model numbers represent different variations and series within the ControlLogix family.

  5. PLC-5 (1771/1785): The PLC-5 is an older series of PLCs known for its robustness and reliability. The 1771 and 1785 are specific model numbers within the PLC-5 family.

  6. PanelView (2711, 2711P): PanelView is a series of human-machine interface (HMI) devices used for operator control and visualization in industrial settings. The 2711 and 2711P are different models within the PanelView series.