The Brains of the Operation: Unveiling ABB AC800M Processor Modules

The Brains of the Operation: Unveiling ABB AC800M Processor Modules

Within the realm of industrial automation, the ABB AC800M series reigns supreme. This modular controller system offers unmatched flexibility for process control applications. But the real power lies within the AC800M Processor Modules – the intelligent core driving the entire system.

The AC800M Advantage: A Modular Marvel

The AC800M series distinguishes itself with a unique modular design. Unlike traditional controllers, it allows for a custom-built system perfectly tailored to your needs. This modularity unlocks several advantages:

  • Scalability: Expand your control system effortlessly. As your process demands grow, simply add more processor modules or other functional modules for communication or I/O.
  • Flexibility: Match the processing power and features to your specific application. The AC800M boasts a range of processor modules with varying processing speeds and memory capacities.
  • Maintainability: Troubleshooting becomes a breeze. With a modular system, isolating faulty modules is easier, minimizing downtime during repairs or upgrades.

Processor Powerhouse: A Look at Classification

ABB offers a diverse range of AC800M Processor Modules to cater to different performance requirements. Here's a breakdown of the key categories:

  • Standard Processors (PM): These general-purpose modules are ideal for a wide array of control applications. A popular choice is the PM866 (Part Number: 3BSE018121R1), known for its robust processing capabilities and ample memory for complex control logic.
  • High-Performance Processors (PH): For applications demanding real-time responsiveness and high-speed data processing, the PH range is the answer. These modules boast faster processing speeds and deterministic execution, crucial for critical control tasks. Consider the PH841 (Part Number: 3BSE018211R0) for such demanding processes.

Beyond the Processor: Building a Complete System

Processor modules are just the beginning of the AC800M story. The system can be further customized with a comprehensive range of additional modules, including:

  • Communication Modules (CM): Ensure seamless integration with various field devices and networks, enabling data exchange for a truly connected system.
  • Input/Output Modules (IM): Provide essential connectivity to sensors and actuators within your process, allowing the system to interact with the physical world.
  • Power Supply Modules (PS): Guarantee reliable power delivery to the entire system, keeping your control operations running smoothly.

By combining these modules with the right AC800M Processor Module, you can create a powerful and versatile control system that perfectly aligns with your specific industrial automation needs.

Additional Part Number Suggestions:

PM856 (3BSE018100R0) - A cost-effective option for less demanding applications.
PM864 (3BSE018111R0) - Offers a balance between processing power and memory capacity.

PM866 3BSE076939R1


PM861 3BSE018129R1

PM863K02 3BSE088382R1

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list. Refer to ABB's technical documentation for detailed information on the entire range of processor modules and their functionalities to make the best choice for your specific needs.

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