Differences of Bently Nevada 3500/22 138607-01 and 288055-01

Differences of Bently Nevada 3500/22 138607-01 and 288055-01

Both Bently Nevada 3500/22 138607-01 and 288055-01 are Transient Data Interface (TDI) modules used in the 3500 monitoring system. However, they have one key difference:

138607-01: This is the base model TDI module. It likely requires a separate USB cable for connection (not explicitly mentioned in all sources but confirmed in some).

288055-01: This is a standard TDI module with a USB cable included.

In terms of functionality, both modules perform the same tasks:

  • Interfacing the 3500 monitoring system with GE's System 1* machinery management software.
  • Combining the functionalities of a Rack Interface Module (RIM) and a communication processor for data collection.
  • Continuously collecting steady-state and transient waveform data from the 3500 system and passing it to the host software through an Ethernet link.
If you already have a USB cable, then the 138607-01 might be a more economical option. However, for convenience, the 288055-01 with the included USB cable is a good choice.

For definitive information on compatibility and features, it's always best to consult the Bently Nevada documentation or refer to their official resources.
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