Construction of Onshore Electrical Connection for Baltica, Poland's Largest Offshore Wind Farm, by GE Vernova

Construction of Onshore Electrical Connection for Baltica, Poland's Largest Offshore Wind Farm, by GE Vernova

GE Vernova and Polimex Mostostal have secured a pivotal contract for the Baltica 2 Offshore Wind Farm in Poland, aiming to bolster the country's energy transition. This project, a joint venture between Ørsted and PGE, will be a significant contributor to Poland's renewable energy goals, powering nearly four million households.

The partnership will see GE Vernova's Grid Solutions business and Polimex Mostostal collaborating to construct essential onshore infrastructure for the wind farm. This includes a high voltage substation and export lines crucial for integrating the generated power into the Polish Power System.

GE Vernova, through its Polish arm GE Power Sp. z.o.o., will provide key technology such as Gas Insulated Switchgear, Transformers, and Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOMs) to ensure grid stability, particularly in incorporating renewable energy sources like offshore wind farms. Polimex Mostostal will oversee civil work, equipment installation, and the laying of export lines.

The Baltica 2 project, expected to deliver 1.5 GW of power to the Pomerania region, signifies a significant advancement in Poland's energy security by diversifying its energy sources. Once completed, it will substantially reduce carbon emissions and play a crucial role in the country's green energy transition.

The Baltica 2 Offshore Wind Farm, covering approximately 190 km² in the Polish Baltic Sea, is slated to be fully operational by 2027. Its high voltage onshore substations, provided by GE Vernova, will serve as vital nodes for transforming wind-generated electricity to higher voltages suitable for transmission over long distances. This infrastructure is essential for ensuring stable and reliable power transmission, minimizing energy loss during transit.

The collaboration between GE Vernova and Polimex Mostostal underscores their commitment to advancing renewable energy and supporting Poland's strategic shift towards sustainability. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, they aim to optimize efficiency and reliability in integrating wind power into the national grid, marking a significant milestone in Poland's renewable energy journey.
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