Building a Fully Optimized Reliability Centered Maintenance for FPSO Capital Project

Building a Fully Optimized Reliability Centered Maintenance for FPSO Capital Project

A global specialist in Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels, operating within the oil and gas sector, partnered with ARMS Reliability to enhance the maintenance build of a new FPSO capital project in Mexico. The client, tasked with various aspects from engineering to maintenance, sought to optimize the FPSO's maintenance program to ensure operational efficiency and safety in Mexican waters. ARMS Reliability employed its proprietary Asset Strategy Management platform, OnePM®, and a comprehensive component strategy library to execute the project across three phases.

Phase 1: Planning for Success
During the initial phase, ARMS focused on laying the groundwork for the FPSO's maintenance program. This involved creating the Reliability and Integrity Guide, establishing standard practices for asset management, and developing Supporting Asset Class Documents to delve into specific maintenance governance details.

Phase 2: Building for Efficiency
In the second phase, ARMS utilized its OnePM® software to implement the Maintenance Philosophy Guide. Through criticality assessments and maintenance strategy development, tailored to client data and OEM manuals, the team optimized maintenance strategies for over 50,000 assets on the FPSO.

Phase 3: Readying for Efficacy
The final phase involved populating the client's CMMS load sheets and Primary Maintenance Instructions using OnePM®. The ARMS team also developed labor, spares, and maintenance forecasts, alongside a spares optimization plan for the FPSO's first 20 years of operation.

The collaboration between ARMS and the client yielded several significant benefits:

Superior Performance: Standardized maintenance data within a central system, coupled with enriched master data, promises enhanced productivity and cost efficiency for the FPSO.

Exceptional Efficiency: Using OnePM® significantly reduced time, labor, and costs, enabling the completion of a historically lengthy project within nine months. Future FPSO builds will benefit from streamlined processes, with approximately 40% of the work already completed.

Managed Risk: OnePM® provides data-driven risk justification and visibility, aiding the client in managing risks effectively, achieving performance goals, and implementing best practices for continuous improvement.

In conclusion, the collaboration between the FPSO specialist and ARMS Reliability promises optimized maintenance strategies, improved operational efficiency, and managed risk for the FPSO capital project in Mexico.
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