ABB to Showcase 50+ New Innovations at Import Expo

ABB to Showcase 50+ New Innovations at CIIE

At the upcoming sixth China International Import Expo (referred to as CIIE), ABB will showcase over 50 innovative products and technologies under the theme of "Ideal Partners for Sustainable Development." These exhibits span three major domains: smart energy, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, and smart cities. The array of innovations includes a new generation of collaborative robots, the latest high-voltage air circuit breakers, gas-insulated ring main units, smart DC charging stations, efficient motors, variable speed drives, ABB Ability™ solutions, and a series of automation solutions tailored for process industries, hybrid applications, and maritime industries. The company will also debut new measurement products, intelligent electrical products, and intelligent manufacturing solutions targeting the steel and non-ferrous metals industry, gathering ABB's innovative achievements from across the globe at their CIIE booth.

ABB to Showcase 50+ New Innovations at Import Expo

This marks ABB's sixth consecutive participation in this international event. Dr. Chunyuan Gu, Chairman of ABB China, expressed anticipation, stating, "As a frequent participant in CIIE, we eagerly look forward to each year's expo. Over the past five years, ABB has showcased over 210 innovative products and cutting-edge technologies, introducing various new products and digital solutions. We've leveraged this platform to better understand market dynamics and have cultivated numerous business opportunities, culminating in approximately 90 signed strategic cooperation agreements. Leveraging CIIE's strong influence and spillover effects, we hope to see more ABB products and new technologies take off from CIIE and be adopted nationwide this year. Simultaneously, we aim to deepen collaboration with clients across various industries, jointly exploring paths toward a green, low-carbon, and sustainable development."

Data and its transmission constitute vital drivers for industrial digital transformation. The advent of Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer (Ethernet-APL) technology has facilitated the integration of digital factories, establishing a seamless network from the management layer down to field instruments and devices. It is reported that at this year's CIIE, ABB will globally premiere a new generation of measurement products that incorporate Ethernet-APL technology. With the aid of Ethernet-APL technology, measurement instruments can seamlessly integrate into factory Ethernet, ensuring secure deployment in hazardous areas and long-distance, stable, reliable transmission. This effectively bridges the "last mile" of information exchange between the field and operational management, providing a robust data foundation for comprehensive intelligent management. ABB will exhibit process automation products and solutions that integrate APL technology from multiple perspectives at their CIIE booth.

Human-robot collaboration is a significant trend in industrial robot development. ABB will present two advanced collaborative robot units, among which the GoFa Educational Unit is a practice device that accompanies ABB's latest robot teaching function package. Specifically designed for teaching and training, this unit combines comprehensive hardware settings with globally certified STEM training courses, pioneering a new direction for robot education and automation. The new generation collaborative robot GoFa 12, integrated into the GoFa Blind Box Workstation application, features a 12kg payload, 1.37m working radius, and a 2.2m/s operating speed. With all six joints equipped with torque sensors, it demonstrates outstanding power and force-limiting performance, ensuring faster completion of various tasks while prioritizing operator safety.

To drive energy transformation and enhance efficiency, ABB will present a wide range of electrical products and solutions focused on green energy, green industry, green data centers, and green buildings at this year's CIIE. This includes the new Emax 2/E high-voltage air circuit breakers, the Safe 40.5kV gas-insulated ring main units and compact switchgear, ABB's building flexible and compact light storage, digital energy efficiency, and asset health management, unveiling two new products to the Chinese market: the Lmax-T intelligent data center busway and the UniSafe Digital medium-voltage switchgear digital solution, empowering a low-carbon future through innovative electrical technology.

The Lmax-T slide-rail data center cabinet power busway is an upgraded solution for traditional precision row-end cabinet power distribution. Optional intelligent monitoring functions enable real-time monitoring of electrical parameters, switch status, and other data, aiding users in effectively reducing life cycle costs and flexibly addressing data room expansion. It is an essential component in realizing the concept of growing and investing simultaneously in data center rooms.

Initiating a new era of smart cities and green travel, following last year's exhibit of the 480kW liquid-cooled high-power charging pile, ABB will physically showcase the Terra CA II secure smart DC charging pile at this year's CIIE. This charging pile is suitable for centralized charging stations and high-end building support, efficiently catering to diverse charging needs, such as electric taxis, electric logistics vehicles, and electric buses. With power capability ranging from 300-1000V, it can efficiently meet current and future electric vehicle charging needs, contributing to the accelerated construction of China's future-oriented, green, and low-carbon electric transportation system.

In addition to product launches and displays of various innovative technologies and solutions, ABB will leverage the CIIE as a crucial platform to expand and deepen collaborations with both new and existing clients. The company will sign a series of strategic cooperation agreements, further reinforcing innovation partnerships and mutual benefit, leveraging the advantages and development opportunities presented by the Chinese market.

China is ABB's second-largest global market and a significant research and manufacturing center. As a member of the exhibitor alliance, ABB has been an active participant in CIIE since its inaugural event in 2018. The company states that the CIIE has become a significant window for China to construct a new development pattern, a platform for promoting high-level openness, and a globally shared international public product, providing ample space for enterprises from both home and abroad to showcase innovative technologies and share development opportunities. ABB has already secured its spot for the 7th CIIE commercial exhibition, positioning itself ahead for the 2024 CIIE.

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