Collection: HIMA

HIMA is a global company that specializes in providing safety-critical automation solutions and services for a wide range of industries. The company is known for its expertise in industrial safety systems, particularly in the areas of process safety, functional safety, and cybersecurity. HIMA's solutions are designed to protect people, assets, and the environment in industrial environments where safety is of paramount importance.

Key features and offerings of HIMA include:

  1. Safety Systems: HIMA develops and manufactures safety systems that are designed to monitor and control industrial processes to ensure the safety and integrity of the systems. These systems are used in applications such as oil and gas production, chemical processing, power generation, and more.

  2. Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS): HIMA's Safety Instrumented Systems are designed to detect and mitigate potentially dangerous situations in industrial processes. They are engineered to meet the strict safety standards and regulations of various industries.

  3. Cybersecurity: HIMA also focuses on providing cybersecurity solutions to protect industrial control systems (ICS) from cyber threats. As industrial automation becomes more connected, cybersecurity is crucial to safeguarding critical infrastructure.

  4. Services: HIMA offers a range of services, including engineering, consulting, maintenance, and training, to support the implementation and ongoing operation of safety and control systems.

HIMA's solutions are widely used in sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and other industries where process safety is of utmost importance. They work to ensure that industrial processes can operate safely and efficiently while minimizing the risk of accidents and catastrophic events.